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How To Key In Discount Code / Credits

  • You may enter the given discount or coupon codes when you're at the View Cart page before proceeding to checkout. Simply enter the code and click the "Go" button for redemption.
  • Once the code has been successfully redeemed, the total amount will be updated. If there are any issues, you will be prompted of an invalid code.
  • Invalid codes could be due to expiry or not meeting certain conditions (e.g. Discounts only applicable to new members; regular-priced items).
  • Do note that discount codes are not case-sensitive.
  • Note: Vouchers applicable to regular-priced items only

How To Use Discount Code or Credits:

1 View Cart

Click "View Cart".

2 Discount Code / Credits

Key in Discount Coupon or Credits and click "GO".

3 Notification

You will receive a Pop-up Notification when Discount Coupon or Reward Credits is successfully applied.

4 Checkout

Upon code or credits redemption, you may proceed to checkout.