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Monthly Order Consistency


This promotion has been discontinued on July 2015.

Yellowbox, other than being Fast, Simple and Convenient, we also love rewarding all our loyal customers!

There are no complex equations; for every 3 consecutive months you purchase from Yellowbox, you will earn yourself a Yellowbox Tier:

Time Period* Tier Rewards
First 3 Months Beginner $10 NTUC Voucher
Following next 3 months Advance $20 NTUC Voucher
Following next 3 months Intermediate $30 NTUC Voucher
Last 3 months Expert $50 NTUC Voucher

*With no free period in between the tiers, otherwise to revert to Previous tier.

Still unsure? Here is an example:

Assuming that your business needs carton boxes. Simply purchase carton boxes from Yellowbox for 3 consecutive months and you will be rewarded with a $10 NTUC Voucher!

Do this for the next 3 consecutive months and you will receive a $20 NTUC Voucher! Now, that is $30 worth of NTUC Vouchers!

Repeat this action for a year and you will receive over $100 NTUC Vouchers!

Remember, no minimum spending is required, all we want is for you to experience the Yellowbox service!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happens if I missed out on a month?

    Your account will drop to the previous reward tier and continue from there.

    For example, if you bought on Jan, Feb and Mar, a $10 NTUC voucher will be award for reaching Tier 1. If you bought from us again on Apr but missed out in May, you account will drop back to Tier 1 and require 3 months again to reach Tier 2.

    This means that you are ALWAYS only 3 months away from your next reward!

  2. Is there any minimum amount that I have to buy every month to be eligible?

    There is absolutely no minimum spending required! All you need to do is to buy something.. anything each month.

  3. If I bought different products monthly, am I still eligible?

    Yes! Like Q2, there are no restrictions! All you need to do is to buy something.. anything each month!

Terms and Conditions

  1. This promotion is limited to Yellowbox members only. Please create your free account here.
  2. All redemptions and accumulated rewards are only vaild during the stipulated promotion period.
  3. Any NTUC vouchers redeemed from through this promotion will be sent via mail to your designated address within a week after a redemption has been made.
  4. Yellowbox reserves the right to, at any time, amend the promotion period stated in this promotion without any prior notification.
  5. In the event of any misunderstanding or dispute arising from this promotion, Yellowbox reserves the right to act according to how it perceives the dispute and shall not be held accountable for any monetary loss sustained by any party involved.
  6. Yellowbox reserves the right to replace any redemptions with items of similar consumer value.
  7. Please refer to the full list of Terms and Conditions here.